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Booking for 10 or more passengers in one Flight – Let us handle the Airlines Group Booking !

Organizing travel for large groups can often be a challenging task, especially when it involves coordinating flight bookings for everyone. FareHawker has emerged as a beacon of convenience in this aspect, offering comprehensive Airlines Group Booking services that cater to various sectors, including domestic and international flights, and accommodating groups of more than 10 travelers seamlessly. By partnering with several leading airlines, such as Indigo Airlines, SpiceJet, Air India, and more, FareHawker ensures that group travel is not only possible but also efficient and cost-effective. Whether it's for tour operators, corporate entities, or MICE agencies, FareHawker stands ready to manage fix departures and group travel programs with unmatched expertise

As a trusted name in the travel industry, FareHawker provides not just booking services but a complete support system for its clients. From the initial group quote to handling inquiries like ticket changes and cancellations, our professional team offers personalized assistance every step of the way. This ensures that every specific requirement and special request is attended to, making every group flight booking smooth and stress-free. With exclusive deals and discounts available, along with a user-friendly mobile app for easy access, FareHawker is dedicated to making group travel as easy as booking a single ticket. In committing to this level of service, FareHawker not only simplifies the process for small/large tour operators, travel management companies, and corporates but also affirms its position as a leading provider of group ticket bookings in India

Why Choose FareHawker for Your Group Bookings

Choosing FareHawker for your group bookings comes with a plethora of advantages tailored to meet the specific needs of group travelers, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective travel experience. Here's why FareHawker stands out as the preferred choice for group flight bookings:

1. Wide Range of Airline Partnerships:

  • Collaborations with a variety of airlines including Vistara Airlines, AkasaAir, AirAsia, Flydubai, AirArabia, SpiceJet, AirIndia Express, and Alliance Air, offering a broad spectrum of group booking deals
  • Access to both scheduled and non-scheduled carriers as well as low-cost carriers, ensuring that you can choose the airline that best fits your group's needs and budget

2. Exclusive Deals and Personalized Services:

  • FareHawker is renowned for offering exclusive deals and discounts on group bookings, making it a cost-effective option for travelers.
  • Personalized assistance and dedicated support for ticket changes, cancellations, and other travel-related queries, ensuring a hassle-free booking experience.
  • Additional services including group travel insurance, priority check-in, special baggage allowances, customized travel itineraries, and dedicated customer support, catering to every specific need of group travelers

3. Expertise and Flexibility in Group Bookings

  • A team of ex-airliners specializing in group bookings, ensuring a smooth and efficient booking process
  • FareHawker GroupDesk offers greater flexibility and dedicated support when managing a large group of travelers, providing fixed departures, web check-in services, and the lowest cost for any domestic or international airlines
  • The ability to negotiate with airlines to secure the best possible group fares, along with customized solutions to meet the specific needs of group travelers, providing flexibility in terms of itinerary, pricing, and other services By opting for FareHawker's Airlines Group Booking services, groups are guaranteed not only significant savings but also a tailored travel experience that addresses all their requirements, from the booking process to the journey itself

How FareHawker GroupDesk Works

To streamline the booking process for group tickets, FareHawker has meticulously designed its GroupDesk platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience from start to finish. Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works:

1. Starting Your Booking:

  • Visit the FareHawker Website: Navigate to our online platform.
  • Enter Travel Details: Specify your departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and the number of passengers in your group.
  • Choose Your Preferred Airline: Select from our extensive list of airline partners.
  • Submit Your Request: Once all details are filled in, submit your request for a group booking
  • 2. Receiving and Confirming Your Quote:

    • Receive a Quote: Our GroupDesk team will provide you with a competitive quote tailored to your group's needs.
    • Confirm Your Booking: If the quote meets your requirements, confirm your booking by making the necessary payment.
    • Receive Your E-tickets: Upon confirmation, e-tickets will be issued to all passengers in the group.

    3. Additional Support and Services:

    • Personalized Assistance: Our team offers personalized support throughout the booking process, accommodating any special requests and ensuring all requirements are met
    • Dedicated Support: We provide dedicated support for ticket changes, cancellations, and other travel-related queries to ensure a hassle-free experience
    • .
    • Exclusive Group Services: Enjoy additional services such as group travel insurance, priority check-in, special baggage allowances, and customized travel itineraries, all designed to cater to the unique needs of group travelers
    • .

    FareHawker's GroupDesk is not just a booking platform; it's a comprehensive service designed to cater to the diverse needs of group travelers, whether they are small/large tour operators, travel management companies (TMCs), MICE agencies, or corporates. With access to the lowest airfares, group air charters, and a wide range of airlines including both scheduled and non-scheduled carriers as well as low-cost carriers (LCCs), GroupDesk ensures that every group travel program, whether domestic or international, is managed with the utmost flexibility and dedicated support, guaranteeing the best deals and services without any hassle

    Service Coverage: All Airlines at Your Fingertips

    At FareHawker, our collaboration with a wide array of airlines ensures that our customers have the flexibility to select the most suitable flight options for their group's unique needs. Our service coverage spans across:

    • Domestic Airlines:

      Air India, Air India Express, AirAsia India, Akasa Air, Alliance Air, Flybig Air, GoFirst, Indigo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Star Air, TruJet, Vistara, and Zoom Air
    • International Airlines:

      Aeroflot Russian, Air China, Air France, Air Mauritius, Air New Zealand, AirArabia, AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, China Southern, Emirates, Etihad Airways, FlyDubai, Garuda Indonesia, Gulf Air, Hong Kong Airlines, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Nepal Airlines, NokScoot, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Shanghai Airlines, Silkair, Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Thai Airways, Thai Smile, Tiger Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Virgin Atlantic
    • Our partnerships extend to various airlines, including but not limited to Vistara Airlines, AkasaAir, AirAsia, Flydubai, AirArabia, SpiceJet, and AirIndia Express, offering a comprehensive range of group booking services 2. This diversity in airline partnerships allows us to cater to both domestic and international travel needs, ensuring that no matter the destination, FareHawker can facilitate your group's journey with ease.

    Moreover, we offer group fare deals across hundreds of routes, making it possible for groups to travel to a wide range of destinations at competitive prices. Some of the popular group booking routes include but are not limited to Tehran to Singapore, Mumbai to Campo Grande, and Delhi to Victoria, covering both domestic sectors like Vishakhapatnam to Udaipur and international sectors such as Dubai to Santa Ana 9. This extensive coverage, combined with our ability to negotiate the best possible group fares with airlines, underscores our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions for group travel, ensuring that our clients receive the best deals available.

    Personalized Customer Service for Group Travelers

    At FareHawker, we take pride in offering a level of personalized customer service that sets us apart in the realm of Airlines Group Booking. Our commitment to ensuring a seamless and tailored travel experience for group travelers is evident through our comprehensive range of services:

    Personalized Assistance and Dedicated Support:

    • Our dedicated GroupDesk team provides personalized assistance right from the initial inquiry through our website form or direct contact Our GroupDesk team will provide you with a competitive quote tailored to your group's needs.
    • We assist in selecting the most suitable flight options, arranging special services as required, and ensuring the best possible fares for the group, catering to the specific needs and preferences of each group
    • For organizers, our dedicated support extends throughout the booking process, addressing any queries or concerns to ensure a hassle-free experience

    Tailored Services for Enhanced Group Travel Experience:

    • Special Services: If your group has special requirements such as travel with pets, limited mobility, or any other special needs, we ensure these are addressed and accommodated
    • Customized ItinerariesUnderstanding that each group is unique, we offer the option to customize your trip according to the group's interests and preferences, providing personalized itineraries that enhance the travel experience
    • Additional Benefits: Enjoy group travel insurance, priority check-in, and special baggage allowances, which are just a few of the additional services designed to make group travel more convenient and enjoyable

    Flexibility and Choice in Airlines

    • Collaborating with a wide range of airlines, we provide the flexibility for group organizers to choose from various carriers that best fit the group's needs, whether it's for domestic or international travel
    • Customized ItinerariesUnderstanding that each group is unique, we offer the option to customize your trip according to the group's interests and preferences, providing personalized itineraries that enhance the travel experience
    • Our ability to negotiate with airlines ensures that we can secure the best possible group fares, offering cost-effective solutions that do not compromise on quality or convenience

    Our approach at FareHawker is centered around offering a customer-oriented service that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients. Whether it's a family vacation, a corporate outing, or any other group travel occasion, we provide tailored packages and solutions to ensure that every aspect of the group's travel needs is meticulously managed 4. With FareHawker, group travelers can rest assured that their journey will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible, thanks to our commitment to excellence in service and customer satisfaction

    Cost-Effective Solutions for Group Travel

    At FareHawker, we understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for group travel, ensuring that every journey is not only memorable but also accessible. Our approach to group bookings is designed to provide maximum value, leveraging discounts and promotions to make group travel affordable

    Personalized Assistance and Dedicated Support:

    • Up to ₹300 OFF per passenger on flights
    • An additional flat 6% OFF on domestic flights with the coupon code FHMOB99
    • These discounts make it significantly more cost-effective for groups to travel, whether for leisure or business.

    Strategies for Maximizing Savings

    • Plan in Advance: Early bookings often come with better rates
    • Flexibility with Travel DatesShifting travel dates by a day or two can sometimes unlock better fares
    • Opt for Indirect FlightsWhile direct flights are convenient, indirect flights can be cheaper and offer an adventurous route
    • Promotions and Weekday Travel: Keeping an eye out for promotions and choosing to travel during weekdays can lead to additional savings
    • Alternative Airports Sometimes flying out of or into a smaller airport can reduce costs

    Comprehensive Cost Savings:

    • Beyond flight discounts, group bookings can lead to reduced rates on hotels, travel insurance, and other travel-related expenses, making the overall trip more affordable
    • Our GroupDesk platform offers the lowest airfare or group air charters, including options with Scheduled or Non-Scheduled Carriers and Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs), ensuring that groups receive the best possible rates
    • We also provide all applicable terms and conditions from the respective airline, exclusively tailored for your group once the group fare is announced and confirmation received, ensuring transparency and trust in the booking process

    By choosing FareHawker for your group travel needs, you're not just getting a travel booking service; you're availing a suite of cost-effective solutions designed to make group travel as affordable as it is enjoyable. Through strategic planning, flexible booking options, and exclusive discounts, we ensure that your group can experience the joy of travel without the burden of excessive costs.

    Getting Started with FareHawker GroupDesk

    Embarking on the journey of group travel booking with FareHawker's GroupDesk is a streamlined process designed to cater to the needs of various groups including small/large tour operators, TMCs, MICE agencies, and corporates. Our dedicated platform ensures that managing fix departure and group travel programs is both efficient and cost-effective 13. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting started:

    1. Initiating Your Group Booking:

  • Visit the FareHawker Website: Our user-friendly interface welcomes you to start your booking journey.
  • Enter Your Travel Details: Provide us with essential details like departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and the number of passengers.
  • Choose Your Preferred Airline: Select from our extensive list of airline partners that best suits your group's needs.
  • Submit Your Request: With all details in place, submit your request for a group booking
  • 2. Receiving and Confirming Your Quote:

  • Get a Tailored Quote: Our GroupDesk team will promptly provide you with a competitive quote, ensuring the best deals for your group's requirements.
  • Confirm Your Booking: Once satisfied with the quote, proceed to confirm your booking by making the necessary payment, and get ready to receive your e-tickets
  • 3. Leveraging FareHawker's Group Booking Tips for Savings:

  • Plan in Advance: Booking early ensures better availability and lower fares
  • Flexible Travel Dates: Opting for off-peak dates can lead to significant savings
  • Indirect Flights: Sometimes, flights with layovers offer better rates
  • Promotions and Discounts: Keep an eye on FareHawker's promotions for additional savings
  • Weekday Travel: Traveling on weekdays often results in lower fares
  • Alternative Airports: Exploring nearby airports could uncover better deals
  • For further assistance or more information on how FareHawker's GroupDesk can make your group travel planning effortless and cost-effective, feel free to contact our dedicated support at +91 8010 66 3434 or visit our website. Our team is committed to providing you with the flexibility and support needed to manage a large group of travelers at the lowest cost for any Domestic/International Airlines, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for everyone involved


    Through this comprehensive exploration, it's evident that FareHawker's Airlines Group Booking services stand out as a quintessential partner for managing group travel needs efficiently and cost-effectively. The collaboration with a wide range of airline partners, alongside exclusive deals and personalized services, underscores FareHawker's commitment to facilitating a seamless, tailored travel experience. The platform not only simplifies the booking process but also offers practical tips for maximizing savings, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the nuances of group travel arrangements.

    Embarking on group travel, whether for leisure or corporate purposes, entails navigating logistical challenges, which FareHawker adeptly addresses through its intuitive GroupDesk service. This dedication to customer satisfaction, paired with the platform's ability to ensure safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, positions FareHawker as an invaluable resource for group travelers. As such, FareHawker emerges not just as a booking platform but as a comprehensive solution provider catering to the diverse demands of group travels, making it a reliable ally in orchestrating memorable journeys.


    How can I purchase flight tickets for a group? To arrange group flight bookings, send an email with your name, contact information, travel dates, preferred flight number, starting point and destination, total number of travelers, and desired travel class (economy, premium economy, or business). Our specialized group booking team will reach out to you within one business day or 24 hours.

    Is it possible to obtain a group discount on flight tickets? Absolutely, we provide special group rates for airfare and additional services for groups of 10 or more, whether they're flying from one or multiple starting points to a shared destination. This applies to various types of travel, including leisure, incentive trips, or corporate and meeting travel, and it includes premium cabin options as well.

    What is the most effective method to book flights for a large group? For large group flight bookings, it's often best to utilize the services of a travel agent. They have the expertise and contacts necessary to secure airline tickets for your group, and they can dedicate the time needed to ensure all group members are prepared for their flight.

    Do airlines offer discounts for group travel? Yes, many airlines provide discounts for group bookings. These discounts are typically available when a minimum number of passengers travel together on the same flight. The criteria for being considered a group and the amount of the discount can vary based on the airline's specific policies.

Group Booking FAQ's

Why do you recommend group booking with FareHawker?

Group booking is little different and few extra procedure in booking compared to an individual booking. To make it easier we recommend FareHawker for easy and hassle free journey. We are the leading group booking consolidaters in india.

What is group booking?

If you have 10 or more than 10 passengers in a travel you can not book it through flight ticket booking portals bcuz they offers you to book 9 passengers in one time. So to save time or save money you must go to group booking with farehawker.

What is the procedure for group booking?

Airline group booking is a very easy process you just have to fill a group booking form on our website to specify your requirements, or you can mail us on, or you just directly call to +91 9311663434, +91 8010663434.

What are the benefits of booking group?

Airline group booking have the following benifits:-
1. You can book more than 10 passengers at a time.
2. You have to finalise the name of the passengers before 10 days of departure date.
3. You have to pay the cancellation amount of your tickets at the time of booking rest the amount you have to pay before 21 days of departure date.
4. You can increase or decrease the number of passengers before departure date at nominal cost.

We are tentative group of 10 and aren’t sure about the name, can you do a group booking?

Absolutely! Group booking give you the flexibility to add name later as well. as well as not to pay full amount in starting if the date of travel is after 30 days.

Can I get Individual boarding pass or a group boarding pass?

You get a group PNR on which you have to carry it on the airline boarding counter they will provide you individual boarding pass for each passengers.

Is there a discount for senior citizens, children, students or infants in-group booking?

No, we do not provide special fares for senior citizen or students. Guest may bring an infant on board, subjected to a fixed infant fee as provided in the fee schedule.

How do I pay after accepting the fares?

Once you get the PNR payment can be made through Credit Card/Debit card, Net Banking, direct transfer to our company current account and share the slip with our executive.

Why farehawker is the best option for me?

Because we are the group of exliners we have the knowledge of the terms and conditions upon the fares breakup. Also we can try give you fare for optional airline also so that you have options to choose at the time of confirmation.

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