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Fixed Departures Flight Tickets


Ahmedabad Goa GoAir G8-793 10 4300 /- per pax
Ahmedabad Goa Ahmedabad GoAir G8-913 // G8-914 12 9999 /- per pax
Ahmedabad Kochi Ahmedabad GoAir G8-701 // G8-702 16 15999 /- per pax
Ahmedabad Portblair Ahmedabad Go Air G8-802 // G8-803 12 20499 /- per pax
Ahmedabad To Lucknow Indigo 6E-935 15 4999 /- per pax
Amritsar Dubai Amritsar SpiceJet SG-55 // SG-56 16 17499 /- per pax
Bangalore To Surat Indigo 6E-2065 14 7499 /- per pax
Bombay Dubai Bombay FlyDubai FZ-446 // FZ-445 10 16999 /- per pax
Chennai Singapore Chennai Fly Scoot TR-579 // TR-578 10 18388 /- per pax
Delhi Andaman Delhi SpiceJet SG-263 // SG-254 18 16999 /- per pax
Delhi Bagdogra Delhi GoAir G8-153/G8-851 10 12999 /- per pax
Delhi Bali Delhi Malaysia Airline MH-191, MH-715 // MH-714, MH190 10 33895 /- per pax
Delhi Bangkok Delhi SpiceJet SG-87/SG-88 10 19600 /- per pax
Delhi Dubai Delhi FlyDubai FZ-432 // FZ-431 10 16999 /- per pax
Delhi Goa Delhi GoAir G8-286 // G8-285 10 13999 /- per pax
Delhi Kathmandu Delhi INDIGO 6E 3 10500 /- per pax
Delhi Kochi Delhi SpiceJet SG-8561 // SG-8562 12 14499 /- per pax
Delhi Leh Delhi VISTARA UK-701/766 15 15999 /- per pax
Delhi Phuket Delhi GoAir G8-31 // G8-32 5 15500 /- per pax
Delhi Portblair Delhi Indigo 6E-282 // 6E-6616 12 15000 /- per pax
Delhi Singapore Delhi SQ403 // SQ406 Singapore Airlines 15 39000 /- per pax
DELHI SRINAGAR DELHI GoAir G8-128/G8-149 10 8000 /- per pax
Delhi To Ahmedabad GoAir G8-717/ 14:05 11 5999 /- per pax
Delhi To Patna 6E 634 IndiGo 10 8000 /- per pax
Delhi To Srinagar Air Asia I5-715 50 5499 /- per pax
Delhi To Surat Indigo 6E-6065 10 5499 /- per pax
Goa Ahmedabad GoAir G8-794 10 6000 /- per pax
Hyderabad Dubai Hyderabad FlyDubai FZ-436 // FZ-435 10 16999 /- per pax
Hyderabad Portblair Hyderabad Indigo 6E-293 // 6E-296 12 14999 /- per pax
Indore To Mumbai Indigo 6E 3904 38 4000 /- per pax
Jaipur To Surat Indigo 6E-941 10 7499 /- per pax
Kochi To Mumbai SpiceJet SG 154 10 6500 /- per pax
Lucknow To Ahmedabad Indigo 6E-856 17 3999 /- per pax
Mumbai Dubai Mumbai FlyDubai FZ-446 // FZ-445 10 13999 /- per pax
Mumbai Phuket Mumbai GoAir G8-21 // G8-22 14 26000 /- per pax
Mumbai Port Blair Mumbai G8-461//G8- 465 GoAir 10 20400 /- per pax
Patna To Delhi 6E 582 IndiGo 10 6000 /- per pax
Pune To Thiruvananthapuram INDIGO 6E-681 + 873 10 6000 /- per pax
Surat To Bangalore Indigo 6E-6065 10 7499 /- per pax
Surat To Delhi Indigo 6E-2129 16 5499 /- per pax
Surat To Jaipur Indigo 6E-942 10 7499 /- per pax

Fixed Departure Flight

There are times when you fly in peak season, during festival where your ticket fares is extremely high during times like this, you wished to pre book a flight. Most of the travel agent pre purchase some flight tickets for a particular destination example Goa, Kerala or Varanasi in advance for a selected date. This help in availability and special fare, however there are certain restriction that following with fixed departure flight.

Fix Departure Reservation Terms and Conditions

“Schedule is subject to change and seats are subject to availability at the time of ticketing”.

General Conditions

Offered fares are subject to inventory available at the time of confirming the reservation.

If the seats are not available on the fare quoted. Please contact Sales or Send E-mail at: groupdesk@farehawker.com

These fares are non-refundable fares, so passenger must make up their mind.

Booking is done on One PNR for all the passenger travelling for the same date, flight and sector as its pre purchased deal by FareHawker/Travel Companies.

Booking must be done alteast 8 days in advance from Date of Travel

At the time of confirmation, current taxes will be applicable.

Fares are subject to availability of seats at the time of booking.

Fares mentioned are NET payable to FareHawker which may differ from concern Airlines current offered fare.

In case of a round trip, fare is only valid for Round-trip.

All the passengers are requested to carry a valid photo ID proof.

We recommend group arrival at least 90 minutes prior for Domestic Travel and 180 minutes

Condition for Names

All names to be advised 7 days prior to the departure date.

Name changes are not permitted once the names are advised.

If names are not provided as per the above prescribed time limit, airline/ FareHawker reserves the right to cancel the booking in given PNR and forfeit the complete paid amount.

Payment Terms

100% payment will be required at the time of bookings if date of travel is within 30 days from Date of Booking.

To confirm the fixed departure booking you have to pay 30% of the total amount or per passenger per flight cancellation fee as per concern airlines & balance payment to be made 30 days prior from date of travel.

INR 200 will be charged per person as convenience fee in case of payment made though Credit card or Debit Cards and INR 150 per person for payment done through net banking on the website apart from the fare quoted by us.

100% payment will be required at the time of blocking in case the mode of payment is through cash or credit card. In case of cash payment only 1.99 Lacs is permitted and rest of the payment must be paid through Debit/Credit Card.

In case of payment with an International Credit card, the credit card holder should be one of the passengers traveling in the group and the physical credit card will be required at the time of check-in.

For any further queries or assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime @ +91 8010 66 3434

Fix Departure Query

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