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Helicopter for VIP Charter

Enhance your travel experience by chartering your very own helicopter for theday flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience asluxurious and comfortable as possible. Helicopter hire allows your travelitinerary to be flexible thus allowing you to enjoy a VIP Service whilst takingadvantage of an efficient mode of transport. Our Operation Team can organiseeverything aspect of your journey. You pick the points of departure and arrival;they will arrange your itinerary, from chauffeured transfers to hotelaccommodation. The convenience of flying direct to an exact destination isinvaluable, and with Fare Hawker you can do so in comfort and style.

Whether you are traveling to a meeting or to a sporting event, a helicoptercharter can get you there quickly and without hassle. Use the form below toreceive an estimate for the flight costs…

Terms & Conditions
  • Choice of airports, dates and departure times
  • Dedicated check-in and departure areas for your group
  • Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
  • Use of air-bridges (where installed)
  • Direct, non-stop charter flight
  • Special arrangements to carry medical equipment in the cabin
  • Airport representation by prior arrangement