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Air Asia Flight Ticket Booking

Air Asia India with its headquarters in Bangalore is a joint-venture between the Tata Group and AirAsia Investment Limited. AirAsia is among the largest carriers in the country with operations extending to various tier 2 and tier 3 cities with the Chennai International Airport being its primary operating base. AirAsia India Airlines operates over 200 flights across 21 destinations in the country. The AirAsia India flights comprise Airbus A320-200, and Airbus A320neo. The airlines follows all COVID-19 protocols and encourages you to do web check-in. You can enjoy great discounts by making an AirAsia India flight booking online. Since it is a no-frills carrier, it doesn’t offer any complimentary meals on-board.

Air Asia India Flight Tickets :

AirAsia - Connecting Asia Air Asia India, a joint-venture between the Tata Group and AirAsia Investment Limited, has its headquarters in Bangalore. AirAsia has one of the largest operations in the country and is a reliable low-cost carrier that runs a vast network connecting the major Indian metros with tier 2 cities. AirAsia Airlines operates more than 200 flights that pan across 21 cities in the country. The AirAsia flights are made of Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A320neo. You can easily make your AirAsia flight booking on Farehawker and avail attractive flat-rate discounts. But it is mandatory to do a web check-in ahead of arriving at the airport. AirAsia is a no-frills carrier, so does not serve any complimentary meals on-board.


Air Asia flight experience - I5 offers value for money services:

 Air Asia has some liberal policies regarding baggage allowance. Domestic baggage allowance is focused in different categories, such as 15kg/ 20kg/ 25kg/ 30kg/ 40kg. Checked baggage weight can be shared with passengers in the same booking number. Every item needs to weigh less than 32kg, and is subject to stringent health and safety requirements. Guests checking in baggage, which exceeds pre-booked allowance, are charged on a per kg basis as per the airline’s fee schedule. Alternatively, guests may purchase 15kg excess baggage for both domestic and international sectors. In fact, the airline also allows passengers to check in small musical items, such as cello, guitar, viola or violin, which exceed baggage dimensions but remain within 75kg category.

 It is the 4th largest low-cost carrier in India. With value-for- money services, AirAsia will take you to your destination on time.

 On-board AirAsia, hot meals are served to the guests. The menu features both Asian and International fare. These meals can be pre-booked online.

 The Xcite Tab guarantees non-stop entertainment during your flight. Relax at the AirAsia Red Lounge before your boarding announcement.

Air Asia India Web Check-in Check-In Now

The current government guidelines have made it mandatory to do your web check-in ahead of boarding the flight. To do your AisAsia web check in you need to head to the check-in tab in AirAsia India home page. Then enter the PNR or booking reference number followed by first or last name, or email id or mobile number, and then proceed. You can search your booking to do a web check-in or to reprint your boarding pass for free. But you would be charged a nominal facilitation fee if you do the same from the airport counter. You need to check-in at the airport if you are a 12 to 16 year old travelling alone. You need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid photo id. This includes those with reduced mobility or one who requires special assistance due to his medical condition. And if you are pregnant and travelling with an infant who is 8 days old or younger. You can do the web check-in on AirAsia India website from 14 days to 4 hours ahead of your flight’s scheduled departure. AirAsia India Airlines flight PNR status For your AirAsia PNR status visit the Flight Status tab on the AirAsia India home page and type the origin destination followed by the arrival city. Your other option is to simply enter the flight number and search. This is the simplest way to get a quick update on your flight, whether or not it is on time, or in case it has been cancelled. AirAsia India baggage allowance An AirAsia India passenger is entitled to one piece of free check-i... Read More

About Air Asia India

AirAsia India has its Indian headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. While it is a joint venture between Tata Sons and AirAsia Investment Limited, it is Tata Sons that holds the major stakes. The airline commenced operations in 2014 with Bangalore as its main hub. It is the first foreign airline to form a subsidiary in India. It is among the largest carriers in India. The airline has an extensive network across India, especially in the south, connecting multiple tier 2 and tier 3 cities with the Chennai International Airport, which is its main operating base. Today, the airlines operates across all major cities of the country. AirAsia India fleet : AirAsia India operates with a fleet of Airbus A320ceo which has a single aisle and is well-suited for short to medium-haul flights. It can carry 180 passengers at a time. The other aircraft in the AirAsia stable is an Airbus A320neo. This too has a single aisle and is apt for short to medium-haul flights, though the passenger capacity is a touch higher, being able to carry 186 guests at a time. AirAsia works at reducing carbondioxide emission by deploying an array of emission cutting levers in its modern fleet that calls for efficient flying. Travel classes aboard an AirAsia India Airlines flight : There is just a single class aboard AirAsia India. The single-aisle aircraft facilitates only economy-class seating, and this is to stay true to its positioning as a low-cost carrier, and therefore does not serve any compl... Read More

Air Asia Offer, promotion & news

If you have any queries regarding your existing booking or new offers on Air Asia please feel free to contact our travel jockey+91 9311663434 or email us support@farehawker.com

Top frequently asked question on Air Asia

  1. What are the new air travel guidelines to follow in AirAsia Flights?

  2. AirAsia India domestic flights now available for all major cities, please check these new Air Travel Guidelines to book your tickets

  3. Which are AirAsia India’s popular sectors?

  4. Among AirAsia India’s popular sectors are Bangalore to Goa, Kochi to Bangalore, New Delhi to Goa, Goa to Bangalore, Hyderabad to Bangalore, Bangalore to Hyderabad, New Delhi to Guwahati, Guwahati to New Delhi, Goa to New Delhi, and Kuala Lumpur to Tiruchirappalli.

  5. Does AirAsia India serve food or drinks on the aircraft?

  6. Since AirAsia India is a low-cost carrier with economy-only seating, your ticket does not come with a complimentary meal service. However, if you go for the ‘premium flex’ fare which is slightly higher than the saver fare you will be served complimentary meal on-board. But you have the choice of ordering a quick snack and beverage from the in-flight menu. In addition to that you can pre-book a hot meal at least 12 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure, even if you have already checked-in.

  7. What is the new cabin baggage rule on AirAsia India?

  8. A new rule has come into effect from 7 July 2020 where guests are allowed not one, but two pieces of cabin or carry-on baggage provided their total weight does not exceed 7 kg. The dimensions for a single baggage piece is 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm which includes the side pockets, wheels and handles, for they need to fit into the overhead compartment of the aircraft cabin. In addition to this, like before, you can carry a small purse or a backpack, or a laptop, or a handbag whose dimensions does not exceed 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm, for it needs to be stowed under the seat before you.

  9. How early can I do my web check-in on AirAsia India?

  10. On AirAsia India you can do your web check-in from 14 days to 4 hours in advance of the flight’s scheduled departure time.

  11. Which are the cheapest AirAsia routes?

  12. Fares for the Bangalore-Cochin, Hyderabad - Bangalore route, Kolkata - Bangkok, have cheap air-tickets.

  13. Which are the popular routes on Air Asia?

  14. On AirAsia, Bangalore to Goa is a very busy sector, Bangalore to Cochin. It is easy to get there as 4 direct flights operate daily on AirAsia there is a direct connection available daily. Chennai reaches out to Singapore daily. There are flights available 8 times a day.

  15. What is the baggage limit for AirAsia for international routes including cabin baggage?

  16. Luggage allowance for purchase on AirAsia international flights depends upon the destination and class of travel. It could range from 20 kg to 40 kg. Two pieces of baggage (which can together weigh up to 7 kg) are allowed in the cabin.

  17. Does AirAsia offer web check-in?

  18. Yes, AirAsia offers web check-in facilities.

  19. Does AirAsia offer online seat preference reservation?

  20. Yes, AirAsia offers online seat preference reservation for a nominal fee.

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