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Top 10 questions

  What is my luggage allowance?

I have already booked a ticket: You can find your luggage allowance on our website via 'My Trip' under the header 'Luggage'. -Sign in on 'My Trip' with your booking number and your email address (the one you used to make your booking). -Go to the subject 'Luggage' I have not booked a ticket yet: The amount of luggage that you can take with you differs per airline. For some tickets we can tell you up front if luggage is included. You can find this information during booking on our website directly below the ticket price.

  How can I check in online?

Online check-in happens 24 hours prior to departure for most of the carriers. Please login to our site then click web check on the homepage it direct you to all the airline, select the one you have chosen

  Is it possible to upgrade my ticket to a Plus I have finished my booking?

Yes, in most cases tickets purchased through us can be upgraded, but some special/ negotiated fare / bulk fare might not qualify for the same facility.

  How can I cancel my booking?

Baggage Information

  What is Checked-In Baggage Allowance?

Your checked baggage allowance is the total number of bags, their size and weight that go into the aircraft hold. This varies depending on the cabin you're travelling in, your frequent flyer member status and other factors.

  What is Hand/ Cabin Baggage Allowance?

Hand luggage or cabin baggage refers to the type of luggage that passengers are allowed to carry along in the aircraft.

  How much Baggage allowed for infants?

A maximum of 7 kgs as hand baggage is permitted for infants.

  How to Book Extra Baggage for My Flight?

Beside free baggage which provide by airlines, you can save by buying the extra bags in advance and avoid paying a heavy bag charge at the airport if your bag's weighs more than free baggage.

  What are the baggage allowance rules?

Luggage policies vary from airline to airline, as well on origin and destination. You can check detailed baggage policy of an airline from baggage policy link on our homepage.

  What are the limitations on carriage of hand or cabin baggage?

The carriage of hand / cabin baggage is limited to one peace weighing shall not exceed than 7 kg. Some of the airlines required the maximum baggage dimension should not exceed 56cm X 36 Cm X 23 Cm ( 22 in X 14 in X 9 in). You may contact the airline for the size of your cabin baggage allowed.

  Which all articles are considered as special baggage and how can you carry it ?

Special Baggage like Sports/Skiing equipment, golf bags, bicycle, surf boards, LCD and LED TVs of size more than 99.06 cms, and all other large and/or odd-sized items, including cartons, whose dimensions (L+W+H) exceed 158 cms, submitted as Checked Baggage. This fee will be applied over and above any Excess Baggage charges that might be applicable. This may vary from airline to airline, please contact respective carrier for details.

  Can I carry fragile and valuables as check-in baggage ?

Customers are strongly advised not to check in such items as Baggage. If such items are checked in as Baggage, Customers agree that they send for carriage of such items, at their own risk. Such items include, without limitation, money, jewelry, silverware, electronic devices, medicines, perishable goods, computers, cameras, video equipment, negotiable papers, securities and/or other valuables, passports and other identification documents, title deeds, artefacts, manuscripts and the like.

Online/Web Check-In

  What is Online Web Check-In?

Online check-in is the process available starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure in which passengers confirms their presence on a flight via the Internet and typically prints their own boarding passes.

  How Can I do Online Check -In?

Check in online on your computer, tablet or smartphone using the website.

  When can I check in online ?

You can check in online from 24 hours before departure. Have your booking reference or e-ticket number to hand.

  I have checked in online, but I have forgotten my boarding pass. What should I do ?

If you have forgotten your boarding pass, you can have a new one printed either at the check-in machine or at the check-in desk at the airport within the required check-in times.

  What is the latest time I have to be at the airport?

If you have already checked in and are travelling without baggage, you must be at the departure gate by the time stated on your boarding pass. If you do not have a boarding pass, please note the latest check-in times for your departure airport depends on the flight and sector.

  What is Mobile Check-in ?

Mobile Check-in is a convenient way to check-in on your mobile device, which allows you to select your preferred seat and print and email your e-Boarding pass. This service differ from airline to airline.

  When will I get the Boarding Pass ?

Boarding Pass will be issued by the airlines after you check-in by online on airlines website or when you arrive at the counter of the airport for check -in. If you check-in by online, the airlines will sent you the boarding pass, and you need to print out.

  When will I need to show my mobile boarding pass ?

You will need to have your mobile boarding pass ready for inspection at a number of different points, including Security, Immigration, at the boarding gate, and when you board the aircraft. Please make sure your device’s screen is active with the mobile boarding pass showing at all these locations.

  How many guests and flights will I be able to check-in online ?

Mobile Check-in allowed for a maximum of 9 guests per PNR and Group PNRs, with up to four segments.

  I have multiple sectors in my booking. Can I check-in only for the first sector ?

Yes. While the check-in system will show all eligible flights in your booking for check-in, you may choose to proceed by selecting only the first flight.

  Do I need to register to Mobile Check-in ?

No. Currently you are not required to register for Mobile Check-in.

  How much time in advance do I need to be present at the boarding gate ?

We request you to be present at the boarding hall at least 25 minutes prior to flight departure.

  What if I have check-in luggage ?

If you are carrying check-in luggage, we request you to report at the airport check-in counter at least 45 minutes prior to flight departure for flights within India or 3 hours prior to departure for international flights.

  I have checked-in. How can I make a change to my seat preference ?

Once checked-in, you would be unable to make changes to your Seat preference.

  Trying to book, but getting an error message ?

If you’re facing difficulties in booking, please free to call or email us at support@farehawker.com. Our travel consultant will assist you on the same.

Modify / Changing Details

  How can I change name in confirmed flight ticket ?

Most of the Airlines do not accept name change requests. Some of them who do, charge a penalty for the same. You can contact us so that we may request the airline to make changes on your behalf.

  What is the process to change Date of Travel in my ticket ?

Rescheduling is permitted however on payment of amendment fees which differ from airline to airline. Please contact us within 48 hours prior to departure.

  What if I want to change my travel plan ?

Rescheduling is permitted however on payment of amendment fees which differ from airline to airline. Please contact or email us at support@farehawker.com with your request at least 48hrs prior to departure.

  How can I change contact details in confirmed flight ticket ?

Kindly request you to contact the respective airline to change contact details.

  Can you make a reservation going in/out of multi cities ?

Yes FareHawker allows you the facility to book tickets from anywhere.

  There is a schedule change on my itinerary, will you get a new ticket for my new flights ?

You wouldn’t need a new ticket but we suggest that you contact the airline directly to get your doubts cleared as soon as there is a change in itinerary.

  Is it possible to book a multi-city trip ?

Yes, you can book domestic as well as international multi-city trips on our website.

  Do you offer Child/Infant fares ?

Child and infant rates, as applicable, is allowed on international tickets.

Online Cancellation & Refund

  How can I cancel my confirmed flight e-ticket online ?

Cancellations can be done online however, to confirm the same, you need to write to us at my support@farehawker.com from a registered email id. Below are the steps to cancel online: Sign in to your account Select the upcoming trip you wish to cancel Select the passenger/s and sector/s you wish to cancel and click on submit The system calculates your approximate refund amount. Accept and click on ‘Submit’.

  Can I cancel one seat partially out of 5 booked seats in same PNR ?

Yes, you can partially cancel your confirmed reservation ticket. Just select your relevant option, and choose the PNR no. of your ticket in the list. If you have any difficulties contact our travel assistant for help.

  What are the Cancellation charges for per passneger ?

Cancellation depends on the airline, please contact our travel assistant or email us support@farehawker.com

  What if the flight has been cancelled directly by the airline. Am I eligible for a refund ?

Yes, you are eligible for a refund. A full refund can be processed only post verification and approval from the concerned airline and with the applicable bank charges to the original form of payment.

  What happens if you miss my flight because of delayed connecting flight ?

Normally if such a situation arises it is the airline’s responsibility to find alternative options to help you reach your destination. In this case we suggest you to contact the airline directly. However please note both the sector should be operated by the same airline.

  What is the latest time frame till which I can cancel my flight and what is the amount I am eligible for ?

You need to cancel your flight not less than 48hrs prior to departure. Cancellation charges are applicable as per the respective airline’s fare rules. In case the cancellation is within 48hrs you will have to contact the airline directly. The amount of the refund however depends on the fare rules, also note that in case of non-refundable fares there will not be any refund due.

  Can you request a refund online ?

Yes, you can request a refund online, If only the airlines allow you to cancel your itinerary. But, you need to know that some of airlines don’t allow canceling the ticket and you will not get the refund.

  When will you get a refund ?

Refunds are processed within 24hrs from the receipt of the cancelation request; however, it could take a minimum of 3 business days and a maximum of 14 business days for the refund to reflect in your bank account, depending on your banks policy.

  What happens if you missed my flight ?

If you fail to turn up it will be considered as No-Show in which case almost always the entire value of the ticket is forfeited. However, some airlines may allow you to fly stand- by on that same day. This is solely airline’s internal policy and discretion.

  Can you make reservation and pay later ?

Your reservation isn’t confirmed until paid in full. Regardless of when you’re traveling date is all tickets must be paid in full in advance.

  When will my Credit card be charged after making the reservation ?

Your card will be debited as soon as your ticket is issued, i.e. immediately after you purchase the ticket.

Before You Book Your Flight

  How can you book ?

All you need is internet connection, credit/Debit card and bank transfer. Select the required day and number of passengers on the booking page. Then the system will be shown all the available flight corresponding to your requirements along with fares and tariff. Follow the instruction step by step to complete your booking. At the end of the booking you need to submit the payment and to you will be given the booking reference and please printout the ticket. You need to give this booking reference at the check - in desk in order to receive your boarding ticket.

  How many maximum number of seats I can book on FareHawker ?

A maximum of 9 seats can be booked in a single transaction. If you need to book for more than 9 travellers you will have to go through the entire booking process again for the additional travellers, or opt for group booking.

  Is it safe & secure to book flight ticket on FareHawker website

Yes its very secure and all contact details that are provided will be strictly confidently.

  Can I book my child or my infant on my reservation ? How ?

Yes, you can book the reservation with infant less than 2 years who travelling on parent's lap. But for children over 2 years, you can be easily with separate seat with parents. Make sure that child less than 12 years.

  Do I need to reconfirm my flight ?

Reconfirmation of is not required for most of the airline.

  What are good to know rules ?

Some very important information that every passenger should know are: Any domestic schedule change should be made at least 48 hours prior to the departure time. Please verify the name of the passenger thoroughly; nicknames or alias should not be used as name changes are not permitted. For international travel the name on the reservation should match perfectly as per the passenger’s passport.

  You have made an online reservation and have not received a confirmation. What should you do?

Once your booking is confirmed you would receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. Some tickets may take longer so do not lose patience. Check your spam or junk mail folder. If you haven’t received any confirmation at all contact support@farehawker.com

  How do you know If the airline changes my itinerary/change in flight schedule ?

You can also reconfirm it directly with the airline prior to your traveling date. You can check it on their website or by directly calling up in airline’s office. Normally you do get a sms for any flight change.

  Who to contact for help while you are traveling ?

In case you need assistance during traveling contact the airline or the service provider in the city/country where you are at that time.

  You have paid for a ticket but have not yet received any ticket on my e-mail or SMS, what should you do ?

If you have not yet received any ticket on your e-mail or short message service (SMS), do not worry. Kindly provide email or contact no and go to our site on 'manage booking' then click 'view booking' here to see all your order details and status. Or you may contact our customer services for further assistance.

  Where can you find the fare rules ?

The fare rules are available online while you make the booking; alternatively you can also call our support team for the same.

  How can you request for special meals and also request separate special meals for each passenger booked in one reservation ?

You can request for special meals or seating preferences for each passenger by directly calling the airline after reservation.

Travel Documents / ID Requirements

  What is E-Ticket for my flight travel ?

E-tickets present an easy and secure way of booking flight tickets.

  What documents are termed as valid and are required for your travel ?

While travelling the following documents will be required:
International Travel
Copy of the e-ticket.
Passport and valid Visa in case of foreign trips.
Domestic Travel
Government issued valid photo identification like passport, pan card or Aadhar card for Indian Nationals.
Foreign nationals have to hold a valid passport.

  What is valid ID proof for an infant ?

Children should carry their school identification cards or any other photo identification proof, valid birth certificates of infants.

  How to Resend Itinerary, If you don't receive or have lost you’re booking Confirmation ?

You can view your online booking confirmation in "Manage Booking" section. Find "Resend itinerary to email”, input your mail then, click send.

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