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If you are looking for something a little more exciting, enhance your travel experience by chartering your very own helicopter for the day. The stress free, flexible way to travel – hire a Helicopter allows your travel itinerary to be flexible thus allowing you to enjoy a VIP Service whilst taking advantage of an efficient mode of transport. It can be used for many purposes including, short breaks, attending special events, whether it is a special family occasion such as a wedding, a major sports event or a just a day out visiting family and friends. You will benefit from a reliable service that gives you maximum enjoyment from your trip as you will not waste time worrying about trivial matters or suffering from delays, which take the shine off otherwise memorable experiences.

Special treats don't come more exciting than this - picture how thrilling it is to hire a helicopter. Maximize your time by using the advantages of helicopter hire.
At Fare Hawker our team can organize everything aspect of your journey. You pick the points of departure and arrival, they will arrange your itinerary. From the option mentioned below, you choose the one which fits best and we do the rest. This is a personal and discrete service, designed to make your journey a special part of the day rather than just a means of travelling. Private helicopter hire is a lifestyle option for the discerning passenger who values service levels.

What we can do for you

Election Flying

Save time most of the political party need a quick service being on time for a rally, or any event fare hawkers ensure a timely departure and arrival. No waiting around and no costly delays. We are on your schedule.


You have seen the pictures... You've watched it in movies... Now it's your turn to ski unmatched terrain that otherticket to your next Heli Skiing holiday

Pilgrimage Charter

For our passengers who wish to travel to spiritual places for inner peace, we have services to please. Given your flexibility, comfort zone and travel preference, we make sure our team helps you to plan your pilgrimage as smoothly as possible with impressive competence and a high degree of reliability travel hassle-free.

VIP Charter

Enhance your travel experience by chartering your very own helicopter for the day flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Aerial Survey

Reviewing real estate, construction, surveying a land, shooting stunning video, film footage the best way is to get an aerial view of the entire place is by hiring a helicopter so that you can see the view and idea that you deserve.

Corporate Charter

Business travellers are increasingly turning to helicopter charter as a highly convenient way to get to meetings and events in and around the city. More often business travel needs to be arrange quick, easy and on time with Fare hawker all the three is done spontaneously without any hassle.

Film shooting

Our state-of-the-art equipped helicopter takes shooting for films, Television serials, NEWS, and advertisement to a different level. Awe-inspiring and dramatic, aerial shots adds a touch of amazement to the entire sequence and can add innovation and professionalism in your work. The charm of aerial shots is outstanding and you cannot get the same effect with any other camera technique and are suitable for both factual and fictional filming.

Sports Charter

Enjoy the speed and agility and the adrenalin rush even before you reach your destination with helicopter charter. Designed to offer you convenience and style, entertain your guests at a sports event or arrive with your team in style.


A day filled with fun, family, friends, laughter, romance and memories can be made extra special by adding a touch of style to it. Arrive to your wedding destination in a helicopter and see the drama quotient of the day increasing.

Flower drop

Special occasions calls for special treats and what could be more special than hundreds of flowers showering on your loved ones from high above. Make any event more colourful and flowerful with our flower showering services.

Joy rides

An adventure of a lifetime, with a Helicopter Joyride you get to make memories from a height of over 1,000 feet above the ground. You get to enjoy a perfect blend of natural and manmade beauty from high above making you realize what a small part we play in God’s creations.

Honeymoon getaways to romantic destinations

Your own private helicopter to drop and collect you from your honeymoon getaway is a luxurious way to embark on your beautiful romantic journey. Add more to the ride with special add-ons like fine dining, champagne, and more.

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