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Helicopter For Aerial Survey

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Helicopter for Aerial Survey

Reviewing real estate, construction, surveying a land, shooting stunning video, film footage the best way is to get an aerial view of the entire place is by hiring a helicopter so that you can see the view and idea that you deserve.

Farehawker helicopter provide a safe, comfortable way to view potential land purchases. Aerial photography provides perspective during review and consideration. Remote estates and large construction projects often require a unique aerial perspective for buyers and sellers. Ongoing and future construction projects can be reviewed with ease. Our pilots’ knowledge and capability will help you achieve quality aerial filming and photographic shots.Stunning video and film footage as well as classic stills imagery don’t happen by mere chance. Through our extensive experience within the aerial filming and aerial projects including television commercials, movies, films, company productions, corporate work and televised sporting events, means that you will have experienced support in helping you to film the shots.

Fare hawker understands that patience is all that require in researching things like this, we help you achieve it Use the form below to receive an estimate for the flight cost, just call us at +91 11 65663434 or email at support@farehawker.com

Terms & Conditions
  1. Choice of airports, dates and departure times
  2. Dedicated check-in and departure areas for your group
  3. Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
  4. Use of air-bridges (where installed)
  5. Direct, non-stop charter flight
  6. Special arrangements to carry medical equipment in the cabin
  7. Airport representation by prior arrangement

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