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BAH to BHO Group Booking On Airline

Departure Details
Flight Duration
Destination Arrival
Departure Details
Flight Duration
Destination Arrival

Why Do Group Booking With Us ?

1. A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. Book our special group fares from Bahrain to Bhopal.

2. Life was meant for good friends and great adventure, avail the best group fares with FareHawker.

3. More the people, more the fun FareHawker discounted group booking offer’s start now!!.

4. Life is better in a group, much happy return.

About Bahrain City

About Bhopal City

Bhopal is a city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It's one of India’s greenest cities. There are two main lakes, the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake. On the banks of the Upper Lake is Van Vihar National Park, home to tigers, lions and leopards. Bhopal is a town which steps into the future with a rich heritage and vibrant history tracing its footsteps. It is highly ornamented with the majestic mosques which showcase classic Mughal architecture such as the Taj-Ul-Masjid, one of the largest in India, built by the third female ruler Bhopal had, Shah Jahan Begum, Moti Masjid and many more. The city will also catch your attention through its breathtakingly beautiful havelis and museums as well as nawabi food that is an absolute delight for foodies. Bhopal is also the cultural hub with numerous art performing centres in the city. The city is also a reminiscence of a tragic disaster in the chemical plant of Union Carbide that took a toll on multiple lives.

Nice to know

Bhopal is two cities within a city. Two starkly contrasting cityscapes. Towards the North you have the old city, a fascinating area of mosques, serpentine alleys, chowks, milling crowds, exotic havelis and crowded bazaars. South of the two lakes is the new Bhopal. Modern, with wide roads, upmarket shopping complexes, and plush hotels and restaurants nestled comfortably in the Arera and Shamla Hills, which overlook the lakes and the old city beyond. The central district is known as New Market.

Things to see

  • Moti Masjid
  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple
  • Bhimbetka Rock Shelters
  • Zardozi Craft
  • Gauhar Mahal
  • Bhojtal
  • Taj-ul-Masajid
  • Van Vihar National Park
  • Shaukat Mahal
  • Sadar Manzil
  • Halali Dam
  • What's in the Name
  • Zari Work.
  • Sair Sapata

Best time to visit Jul-Mar is the best time to visit Bhopal

The best time to visit Bhopal is during the winter months of October to March. The weather is an ideal one for exploring the experiencing the rich flavors of the grand city. July-September is the second best time to visit the city.

About Airline Group Booking

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