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Pakistan Airlines

An Overview of Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. The airline was founded in 1947 as Orient Airways, later changed to Pakistan International Airlines Corporation on January 10th, 1955 and in December 2015 it converted to a new entity- Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited. Pakistan International Airlines has its primary hubs at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Allama Iqbal International, Lahore and Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad/Rawalpindi. The airline has its secondary hubs at Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, Sialkot and Multan. Pakistan International Airlines operates to 30 domestic and 36 international destinations in 28 countries across the world.


Pakistan International Airlines operates on a fleet of 38 aircrafts. The airlines’ fleet is a good mix of Airbus’, Boeings and ATRs. The 38 aircrafts include five Airbus A310-300, eleven A320-200, six ATR 42-500, five ATR 72-500, six Boeing 777-200ER, two 777-200LR, one 747-300 and three 777-300ER. The Boeing 777 family is used to operate long route flights, The 747 is mostly deployed to cater to high density requirements like carrying pilgrims to and from Saudi Arabia.


Pakistan International Airlines operates flights to over 66 destinations including 30 domestic and 36 international. With its main base at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, the airline operates to various countries across Asia, Europe and North America. The major International destinations to which it caters are major cities of USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Thailand, Spain, Germany, China, Canada, Nepal, Italy and Japan.

The top sectors for Pakistan Intl Airlines are Lahore-Bangkok, Lahore-Karachi, Bangkok- Lahore and Islamabad-Karachi. Pakistan Intl Airlines connects Delhi to Karachi by a once a week flight on Mondays.

On-Board Services:

Pakistan International Airlines has three cabin classes on their domestic routes: Economy, Economy Plus+ and Business and have just two cabin classes on their International flights: Economy and Business.

Business Class seats on board the PIA aircrafts offer seats which are designed in Italy and Switzerland. These seats ensure that the passengers are extremely comfortable. Business Class seats offer huge leg rooms and shoulder space. PIA ensures that your personal space is your own and that you never feel cramped. Business Class passengers enjoy many facilities like priority baggage check in, access to Business Class lounges and many more.

PIAs in-flight menu is sure to excite the palates of the travelers. Passengers enjoy a vast variety of Pakistani and International cuisines on board the aircraft. From breakfast to lunch and dineer PIA ensures you are always sated. They also serve Snacks in between meals to keep away the hunger pangs.

PIA also provides meals for passengers with special dietary needs, owing to medical or religious reasons.

PIA has a host of movies and TV shows to keep you busy and entertained throughout the flight. You can tune into your favorite music genre, watch Hollywood movies, sitcoms, dramas, documentaries and English, Hindi and Pakistani TV shows and much more to entertain yourself. Passengers can also shop on board the aircraft with the duty free shopping option.

Baggage Allowance:

Baggage allowance on PIA varies with the route and class of travel. For domestic routes, passengers travelling Economy Class are allowed to check in one piece of luggage weighing a maximum of 20 kgs, Economy Plus passengers are allowed to check in one piece weighing a maximum of 25 kgs and Business Class passengers are allowed to check in two pieces of luggage weighing not more than 30 kgs in total.

On international flights, baggage allowance varies with each route. For example: Passengers flying to or from Canada will be allowed to check in two pieces of luggage weighing not more than 23 kgs each for Economy passengers whereas this allowance goes up higher to two pieces of luggage weiging not more than 28 kgs per piece for Business Class passengers.

Carry-on luggage or hand carry luggage is in addition to the check in allowance. Passengers travelling Economy and Economy Plus are allowed to carry on 7 kgs, whereas Business Class passengers are allowed to carry on 12 kgs which should include one piece weighing not more than 7 kgs and a small briefcase weighing not more than 5 kgs.

Frequent Flyer Program:

The name of the frequent flyer program offered by PIA is PIA Award Plus+. This frequent flyer program like many others allows its members redeem miles earned to get free tickets, excess baggage allowance, cabin upgrade and many more special deals. PIA Awards Plus+ has three tiers- Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond. Miles can be earned by flying with PIA and its partners.

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