Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

An Overview of Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is the national carrier of Japan. It is the second largest airline in Japan behind All Nippon Airways. The airline has its headquarters at Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. Japan Airlines primary hubs are at Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport, and its secondary hubs are located at Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport. Japan Airlines was founded on 1st August 1951 and it commenced operations on 25th October 1951. Japan Airlines operates domestic and international passenger services to 169 destinations, 52 of which are International destinations. Japan Airlines is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance.


Japan Airlines operates on a total of 223 aircrafts out of which 186 are owned by the airline and the rest 37 are leased. Japan Airlines operates on Boeing 787-9, 787-8, 777-300ER, 777-300, 777-200ER, 777-200, 767-300ER, 767-300, 737-800, 737-400, Embraer 170, Bombardier DHC8-Q400, DHC8-Q300, DHC8-Q100, CRJ200 and Saab 340B. The fleet is mix of narrow and wide-body aircrafts which are perfect to operate short, medium and long haul flights.


Japan Airlines operates on 52 international routes and 117 domestic destinations, this is excluding the code sharing flights. Japan Airlines alongwith its code share partners operates 394 international flights and 131 domestic flights.

Excluding its codeshare partners Japan Airlines flies to Australia, Canada, China, Taiwan, Finland, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, UK, USA and Vietnam.

The top flights Japan Airlines flights from India include New Delhi-Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi- Hong Kong, Chennai- Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore-Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai-Hong Kong, New Delhi-Tokyo, New Delhi-Osaka, Hyderabad-Tokyo and Chennai-Hong Kong.

Cabin Classes:

Japan Airlines has four cabin classes on-board the aircraft. These cabin classes are First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

Japan Airlines offers extremely luxurious seats on their First Class Cabin, the seats in the first class get converted into lie-flat beds. The seats are equipped with retractable privacy partition, ample storage compartments for your carry on luggage and personal 23 inch LCD screens to keep you entertained during the flight. Japan Airlines provides its First Class passengers with amenity kits from LOEWE, a high end Spanish brand, also relaxing wear is available for passengers who want to relax.

Seats in the Business Class on board a Japan Airlines flight vary with the sector and the aircraft. There are 6 types of seats namely JAL SKY SUITE, JAL SKY SUITE II, JAL SHELL FLAT NEO, JAL SHELL FLAT SEAT, JAL SKYRECLINER AND JAL SKYLUXE SEAT. All these seats are extremely comfortable and luxurious. These ensure that the passengers reach their destination fully rested. Business Class passengers are provided with amenity kits by ZERO HALLIBURTON, slippers are provided on all sectors and cardigans on certain sectors.

Premium economy seats on Japan Airlines flights are designed around the passengers, the seats are large and comfortable with good legroom. Recently Japan Airlines added 10 cms between seats and added a 3-step adjustable footrest which makes your flight even more comfortable. Each seat is provided with an AC electrical output to power your laptops or phones.Passengers travelling Premium economy have access to medicines on board for motion sickness, pain relievers, antiseptic sprays, bandages, band-aids, disinfectant wipes and thermometer.

Economy passengers now enjoy wider seats on board a Japan Airlines aircraft. There are two types of seats, the seats vary according to the aircraft type and also on the route. The two types of seats are JAL SKY WIDER and JAL SKY WIDER II.

In-Flight Entertainment:

Japan Airlines’s pioneering in-flight entertainment system MAGIC guarantees to make hors fly by with the wide variety of movies, TV programs, games, music ,etc.

Japan Airlines has now shifted to its “New Sky Entertainment JAL Mooove”. This offers even more enjoyment and choice than MAGIC.

Luggage Allowance:

Japan Airlines allows free check in baggage. Check in baggage allowance varies in accordance with the route and aircraft flown. On majority of the routes Japan Airlines allows passengers to check in 2 bags, each bag not weighing more than 23 kgs for Economy and Premium Economy. Whereas for Business and First Class, 3 bags, each not weighing more than 32 kgs.

Carry on luggage is restricted to 7 kgs. In addition to this, passengers may carry a laptop bag, a ladies bag, a child’s supply bag if the child is accompanying on the flight, or some reading material.

Check in luggage varies with routes flown on, hence its best to check your baggage allowance at the time of booking your tickets.

Frequent Flyer Program:

The frequent flyer program of Japan Airlines goes by the name of JAL Mileage Bank. This is a four tiered program. The name of the four tiers are JMB Crystal, JMB Sapphire, JCG Premier and JMB Diamond. Passengers can accumulate miles while travelling with Japan Airlines and its OneWorld Alliance partners.

To be eligible for JMB Crystal members must have 30,000 FLY ON Points(including 15,000 FLY ON Points on JAL Group flights) or more OR 30 flights (including 15 JAL Group flights) or more and 10,000 FLY ON Points or more. The criteria to upgrade to JMB Sapphire requires 50,000 FLY ON Points (including 25,000 FLY ON Points for JAL Group flights) or more OR 50 flights (including 25 JAL Group flights) or more and 15,000 FLY ON Points or more. The requirement for JCG Premier and JMB Diamond increases furthermore.

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